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Have you ever sold/traded a game or collectible and regretted it later?

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I could never sell my games ever. Because you never know when you will want to play them again for whatever reason. Your tastes and interest can change as your gaming sensibilities grow. 

However, I chose to sell my retro collection of games I had aquired growing up in order to save a friend financially (medical bills). Luckily everything that was sold I could still play through emulation.. But the sentimentality of the physical collection itself is what I miss. 

Don't sell your games, want a new game? Be patient.. That price WILL go down. That's always been my way of gaming.

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I stopped trading in games as well. When I was a kid trade ins were pretty much the only way to get new games outside of my birthday/christmas stuff but now that I have a source of income I prefer to hold on to my games.

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