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Regarding Phil's statements about IGN on Ask The King

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I brought this up before and admittedly I was in the wrong. But this time Phil said he was citing the reviews themselves. Even counted on his fingers as he listing the negative points on the reviews. First off. RE: Revelations 2. He counted off the negatives they listed and said they gave a 7.

Yep, that's right. Now onto The Order 1886. He listed off ten and reiterated that they gave TEN negatives and still gave it a 6.5.

Now that's not correct. And this time he very clearly stated that he was citing the reviews themselves. I did notice that the negatives he counted off as being listed here were in HIS review on HIS channel. I don't think he ever looked at or read either of these reviews. But I can't prove that he did or didn't. I just can't sit by while he blatantly spreads misinformation as fact.


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Try reading the review before you post up a final blurb summary at the end of the review as proof of something. Reviewer highly criticized multiple things about the game (not just two) vs. ONLY two being called out in the RE Revelations 2 review.

Nobody cared the first time, nobody cares now. If you're going to try and nitpick me, actually have evidence, and don't do it here. Go make a fun "DSP Tries It: Lying about IGN" video that the sheeple will believe without doing any research, again.


Thread closed, and let this be a warning to others who are only here to "call me out" on stuff that's nonsense.

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