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So i just watched Phil's Final Fantasy 15 video. Does Phil hate Final Fantasy or does he just not do much research when he makes these types of videos? "There's been a lot of drop off in quality

​First troll account, not even mad.

The sad part about this post is that people like you actually believe it. You've deluded yourself into thinking that's how my mind works. Maybe when I first started on YouTube and didn't "get it," but

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1 minute ago, MitchMacalester said:

Great show. I can't stand waiting for the next episode. I'm going to watch the entire show in one day later in April.  "The 10 episodes will conclude on April 20th, 2020"

Yup i hate waiting too but i have alot of other shows i watch as well

Next year will be the final season with 13 episodes 

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3 minutes ago, MitchMacalester said:

I guess that means they'll really ramp this season up for the last season premier. Hopefully going to be really good. 

Vince Gilligan is just a genius with Breaking Bad 

Betrer Call Saul could of been a disaster but wasnt 

Same with El Camino that he directed himself and after seeing thaf i wanna see him do more stuff. 

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