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The sad part about this post is that people like you actually believe it. You've deluded yourself into thinking that's how my mind works. Maybe when I first started on YouTube and didn't "get it," but

Oh, me! I totally can‼

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1 hour ago, TheSkyTruth said:


Well now that you exposed your own dumb ass, I guess I will block you now. No time for that shit again.

See you next time under a different sock account when you get banned again.

4 hours ago, MDCFAN101 said:

TBH with you guys, I've given it some further thought.  I am going to wait til Christmas to get an Xbox One.

Why not get the xbox series x then? Xbox one will be outdated at that point.

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8 hours ago, MoraMoria said:

Oh, that's a meme, right?



I still don't know the exact purpose or in what context this is used in.

It is simply an expression of longing for beans

I been eating a lot of bean, rice, tomato, cheese, sour cream burritos because i was too lazy to grill up some steak

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6 hours ago, 100gecs said:

I just saw that DSP's Fall Guys videos are getting double the vews af his other more recent videos.

They all have 1k+ views..... Potential YouTube career revival???? 

Those are his normal views. It's that the other games have less views than usual. The 2nd FG videos are getting higher views because people check if he hit the goal. And they find the vest advertising entertaining. Also the clown mode, people like watching someone enjoy a game. That's why those cartoon characters let's players are popular.

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You agree with Phil that Finn was a good character in the 1st movie?

Everyone hated him. Everyone thought he was a bad character and a bad actor.

I think they tried to salvage at least something and write the character off.


Apparently RobOnWheels couldn't find Phil's Walking Dead playthroughs. Phil had to send him the links through email. I can see them just fine.



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23 minutes ago, MDCFAN101 said:

I know you guys are going to call me a pain in the ass, but I just remembered that the current gaming console I really wanted is a Play Station 4.  Nonetheless, I am going to wait until Christmas.

PS4 is good. Most of the xbox one "exclusives" can be played on the PC if you have windows 10, to my knowledge because I have windows 10.

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Leaving work these two baby deer ran right in front of my car. I didn't hit them, of course.

I don't need that Bambi ptsd again.


Persona 5 Royal is $38 right now, that's the lowest I've seen it discounted this year. Dunno if I should wait until it costs almost nothing, it's not exactly something I need to play right away.

Return to Arkham collection which Phil is playing now is only $10 too.

SF5 and PUBG are the free games this month.

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