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So i just watched Phil's Final Fantasy 15 video. Does Phil hate Final Fantasy or does he just not do much research when he makes these types of videos? "There's been a lot of drop off in quality

The sad part about this post is that people like you actually believe it. You've deluded yourself into thinking that's how my mind works. Maybe when I first started on YouTube and didn't "get it," but

​First troll account, not even mad.

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27 minutes ago, Blackspawn89 said:

Phil did a great job with the forum update. Looks fresh as hell.


Found some major issues with the update, ugh. Gonna message a mod about it.

On 9/14/2020 at 9:41 PM, TheGamer said:


James is playing Sunshine


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Rant about MS lying about Sea of Thieves sales, counting Game Pass as sales. Found this article:


March 28, 2018

 Microsoft has hailed Sea of Thieves as both its “fastest-selling first-party new IP of this generation” and the "best-selling Microsoft Studios first-party title on Windows 10," later noting that that praise is without counting the copies of the game given away through Game Pass.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg did notethat the game’s status as the “fastest selling new IP” for the Xbox One was achieved without a boost from copies given away through Game Pass.

 Sea of Thieves has attracted 2 million players in roughly one week across both Xbox and Windows. That comes after the game saw more than one million players on its launch day alone.

You think Phil will correct himself?

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6 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

Big ups DrTonyHuge aka OnlyIcedCoffee who never left. Just be happy you aren't as pathetic as him.

Why do you care?


Cover art is looking great, just wish it wasn't boy Nier.


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