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On 11/4/2020 at 11:51 PM, KGhaleon said:

aw yeah


Any word on when PS5 will be easier to get? I plan on getting one eventually but not really wanting to waste a lot of time jumping through hoops to get one. The only launch exclusives I care about are Miles Morales and Demon's Souls but I can wait for those. Doesn't help that I also want a RTX 3080 which is already $$$$$ and a PITA to find.

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8 hours ago, MDCFAN101 said:

How is everybody today?

I'm doing good.  Today's is my father's birthday.

Happy birthday to him, tell him KGhaleon said Happy B day.


(That's a joke)


I haven't talked much about it, but I've started moving into my new house this week. Still getting the place set up...ton of work. Had some friends over to drink beer and met some neighbors tonight.

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1 hour ago, TheSkyTruth said:

but used a decade old suit for his wedding.

Why buy a new suit when the old one is fine?

1 hour ago, TheSkyTruth said:

Phil bought a suit for his Halloween special...

This would be a better question. Buying a one use $70 Halloween suit when there's no money to buy games. His preferred audience would be fine with the cheap Barry Burton costume. Everyone would like just the Sonic hat too. Derich and co. are going to like it regardless whatever he does. There's really no need to waste money. $70 for such lame costume was really a waste. A fast food mascot was the great idea? I guess it's fitting for Phil.

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It hardly matters if the bored people stay on the stream, they should just go so that Phil can "evolve" and drop the game if necessary, maybe change his gameplay/commentary topics.

Instead, you'll have him & the audience bored, with no incentive for changing because he still gets the contributions. But that's fine because positive people are having fun, and that's the real audience.

So there's no problem.

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4 minutes ago, MoraMoria said:

with no incentive for changing because he still gets the contributions

That's the issue. The streams were slow. It's blamed on the game being boring. Not that he makes it boring. You can play the game in different ways

  • turn it into a shooter
  • turn it into a stealth game
  • turn it into a slow drone simulator

He decided to use drones nonstop because there's no challenge, it's the easiest way. It's also the slowest, most boring way. He can finish missions 10 times faster when he's forced to not use drones.


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8 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

My work place got hit by covid and a bunch of people are sick, guess I'm gonna be wearing two masks and gloves tomorrow and sitting 50 feet away from people.

Damn. Be careful out there. Try to work from home if possible... Better safe than sorry

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