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​First troll account, not even mad.

The sad part about this post is that people like you actually believe it. You've deluded yourself into thinking that's how my mind works. Maybe when I first started on YouTube and didn't "get it," but

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20 minutes ago, GuessWhat said:

Does anyone know what DSP means when he says something about side content being "meaningful" ?

Meaning it's side content that you'll remember which has depth or doesn't feel like you're only doing it for EXP.

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1 hour ago, MoraMoria said:

I know nothing about American Football, or the NFL, but its theme song is... interesting, I like it.

Never watched a single full match, though.


How epic can it get? I like the CBS one.


The Fox NFL theme is the best.

BTW, you should try watching some football games.  IMO they are fun to watch.

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18 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

Ping is the one you want, as it'll show all enemy positions and a really powerful tech rifle can fire right through the wall. You literally wall hack all the enemies.

I keep forgetting about the snipe-through-walls thing. I keep thinking there's no way I can shoot through some seemingly thick barrier but it still works. 

I love the combat options and the gameplay involved but the fights themselves are frequently too easy if you actually use your tools. I often intentionally don't use all/some hacks during a fight just because it would trivialize them, even on Very Hard. I think this is due to a combination of the AI often being dumb, the OP weapon powers + hacks, and the NPCs lacking a way to deal with said abilities. 

The only fights I have to be careful on are the enemies that 1-2 shot me. Otherwise I'm fine if I don't just run into the middle of the room, guns blazing. I can't imagine how easy the game must be on Normal.

4 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

Meaning it's side content that you'll remember which has depth or doesn't feel like you're only doing it for EXP.

Though oddly you don't know if it's going to be interesting until you do it. For example, I thought the Delamaine quests were going to be pretty bleh but turned out interesting. 


1 hour ago, Higgs said:

pure irony

Oof. Sometimes I think Phil legit just likes to bait.

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Can I ask you guys, your opinion on something related to the meaning of a couple of words, (in English), and their difference?

I've already read the online definitions and interpretations, but there seems to be discrepancies in how some people use these words*apparently?, and in other languages as well, but it's not clear to me why.

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2 hours ago, 100gecs said:

This is a great video about Cyberpunk. I personally really enjoyed the game, but it is hard to refute a lot of these points.


Probably won't watch the video but the title isn't wrong. Hell, look at this tweet from January 2020:  https://twitter.com/CDPROJEKTRED/status/1217861009446182912

Choice quote: "We are currently at a stage where the game is complete and playable, but there's still work to be done.[...] we need more time to finish playtesting, fixing and polishing."  This is 100% bullshit and probably the thing that pisses me off the most. 

There is no fucking way any sane person looked at this game 12 months ago and thought "Aside from some bugs and polish this game is done!" I also have a very hard time believing any competent project manager (or whatever role) who knew the state of the game thought they could get most bugs squashed and the game polished in 9 months. Yes, 9 months is a long time, but given the state of the game at launch, how bad do you think it was almost a full year ago?  

I could rant on and on, but the short version is that I and others are angry not just because the game is buggy, but because there is the strong stench of blatant dishonesty at best, gross incompetence of the management at best. Had this been Ubisoft, EA, Activision or the like we'd roll our eyes, shrug our shoulders and say "Meh, what did you expect?" CDPR however had a ton of goodwill built up and we hoped they'd at least be honest with us.  They managed to piss that all away in less than a week. 

There's a good game despite all the problems that a lot of devs worked their asses off to achieve but what most people are going to remember is the horrid launch, and it's not even their faults. A damn shame.

Anyway, sperg mode off. 


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Higgs Bro, enough of your rambling. Enjoy your New years day instead.

Welcome to 2021 folks, sadly nothing is gonna be different lol


I expect conventions, E3, magfest, etc will all still be cancelled this year.

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1 hour ago, KGhaleon said:

Higgs Bro, enough of your rambling.

I just want to give people a straight answer. And help them to leave this toxic place, find and support someone positive, not someone who hates you.

I'm also glad he didn't get a refund. He's the last person who deserves it.

Edited by Higgs
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