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Just now, KGhaleon said:

How long is it? I thought it was a short demo.

there is 2 stages, if you search around it's long (there is alot to find), also the times you die also makes the game longer, there is no fast traveling between Shrine it seems, you also get a free DLC once you finish the first stage, for the full game, but i still rather play Dark Souls 3 lol.

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The detractor community pretty much took the Patron's money today with their shenanigans. I feel bad for the folks that were waiting for that stream all week.

Reminiscent of the time they took his Fan appreciation streams down. Phil gets paid regardless of what happens so it doesn't affect him despite what they may foolishly believe.

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We should try and report all the people that were stalking and harassing/Griefing phil. Maybe we can at least get a couple perm banned. What they are doing is against the rules and is running other players/viewers experience. Can't really say i'm surprised at any of this. 

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16 minutes ago, Noir said:

At least you're getting close to beating the game 

Fuck this game, seriously the Ally AI acts so retarded, puts Yukari on Heal/Support,uses Magaru when an enemy has been knocked down, set Junpei to knock down enemies, uses agi once knocks down enemy, oh i'm just going to wait, set the Dog to knock down also, uses physical attacks on Enemy instead of it's weakness: Agi. screw this party AI they act so stupid. 

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