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So i just watched Phil's Final Fantasy 15 video. Does Phil hate Final Fantasy or does he just not do much research when he makes these types of videos? "There's been a lot of drop off in quality

​First troll account, not even mad.

The sad part about this post is that people like you actually believe it. You've deluded yourself into thinking that's how my mind works. Maybe when I first started on YouTube and didn't "get it," but

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So, because I have no where else to put this, why is it so hard for internet game companies (Like EA or Blizzard) to get a simple security fix through their heads.
Person logs in from America, say Florida.
Person plays game, then logs out.
Five minutes later, hacker gets in from india. 
Run check for flight time from Florida to India. 
Flight time > Last login counter
Run check for most common log-in location
Common Log-in Location =/= India
Auto-IP Ban. 

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1 hour ago, Darksphere92 said:

i just searched the N64 JRPG list, and it's sad lol

The Wii U list isn't much better all we get is Xenoblade Chronicles X, Tokyo Mirage Session, Child of light, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Granted those are all far better games than Quest 64 and Xenoblade will keep you busy for months if you try to 100% it

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i hit another road block in Persona 3, yeah Persona 4 and Golden havent given me this much trouble before.


"I want you to do just one more thing for me...
Would you die for me please...?"

—Alice, Shin Megami Tensei

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53 minutes ago, AshishAshLamps007 said:

So does anyone have DOOM for Ps4?? Or how many of you here own a PS4?


I own a PS4 but I mainly just play on my PC or Wii U most of the time. The only co-op/Mp games I own on PS4 are DOA 5, RE 6, and Naruto lol

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