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Dubbletalk would be a better show if they actually slated interesting anime more often, but I guess they have to make do with their line-up of Funimation dubs--whether the season turns out to be shit or not.  

I believe I've only checked out some of their thoughts on My Hero Academia and Death Parade. I might go check out a few of the other anime they've had on, but I don't see many interesting ones. 

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8 hours ago, Avarice said:

Man the original Teen Titans was the bomb. Sucks that they cancelled it when they did. The last episode really left you with no resolution, and the movie didn't help me feel better about it. Young Justice kind of filled that void, but then they cancelled that too lmao.

It's funny because they even mention that ending in Teen Titans GO! and admitted they fucked up with that.

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