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9 hours ago, VashBashII said:

Nah a little shorter.

Thank you for having my back.

Bro. I didnt even get banned. My posting privledges are on indefinite pause. All because I didnt agree with their opinion. Whatever. Im pretty sure i sparked conversation in this forum. I shouldnt of been "banned" because of "group-think".

Buddy. What the fuck is this:


What in the fuck Is this?

Are you excited about this @KGhaleon? Please tell me why in the fuck should I be excited about playing KNEX (not sure if you're old enough for that reference) or making pillow tents with Nintendo? With Playstation VR and Oculus Rift out there, you think anyone but children care about this?

Those pictures are previous Labo kits, not related to the VR kit.

Most of them are gimmicky though I would say the vehicle kit was the best one if you actually had to buy any. They are pretty much for kids.

Vehicle kit comes with an open world game that can easily take 5+ hours to beat. You can get it for $40 now too, so you get the most value for your $$$.



But hey, hot damn. DMC5 LPs are already going up today. Get hyped this game looks amazing.


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So i just watched Phil's Final Fantasy 15 video. Does Phil hate Final Fantasy or does he just not do much research when he makes these types of videos? "There's been a lot of drop off in quality

The sad part about this post is that people like you actually believe it. You've deluded yourself into thinking that's how my mind works. Maybe when I first started on YouTube and didn't "get it," but

​First troll account, not even mad.

Posted Images

Gotta let it out, gotta let it out. Gotta let it out, gotta let it out.

Here's my belated SSS no damage run through the demo, max brightness edition. I consider my DMC instincts severely atrophied, as there's not much fancy I-frame use or cancelling here, and my instant-revs (tap R2 at the right moment while swinging Nero's sword to power it up with fire) are inconsistent. Just doing what is needed for the rank, but... I feel I should be able to do better, given even more practice. 

I need to read up on Exceed timings again, as I recall that reading descriptions of the visual cues was helpful. Also, I was kind of a wuss against Goliath and didn't really get in there with enemy stepping and Caliburs. I feel like I'm Rocky in his fifth or sixth movie, trying to get back in shape for the game tomorrow. Not sure if I'll do a lot of recording as I fail. 

Of the three Devil Breakers in the demo, Punch Line is the most fun, especially when you dive into a bunch of downed enemies with triangle while riding your arm (nice style meter bump if you can dive into at least two while holding the button). The square ability works well too. I didn't use the circle ability much since it seems more suited for aerial foes or big ones. It sucks when you accidentally ride past your target and waste time and style, though. Overture is solid if not particularly inventive. One of the loading screen tips is that you can insert up to three bombs into an enemy for more damage, but I never tried that. I also saw in one of the trailers that you can interrupt Goliath's diving body slam with a well-timed claw smack. Gerbera is mini-Trickster with a side of Nightmare Beta and an Astro Boy style arm cannon. Its deflection ability could be interesting in the main game (also, it keeps reminding me of Gerber baby food, so there's that).

Additions like air taunting and revving while running are appreciated. 

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I forgot to mention, the fact that Split is now RI + triangle + back (rather than forward) annoys my muscle memory, as it's the same input as High Roller. I'm guessing it was to make room for Nero's equivalent of Killer Bee, but it doesn't jive well with my intuition. Snatch being simplified to R1 + circle without directional input seems unnecessary other than just making it easier for newcomers. It would have been easier to aim Punch Line's rocket punch more precisely had this not been the case.

In the demo, SSS rank can now be achieved even if you take some damage, but you won't get the bonus. Various feats can also get you bonuses, and it doesn't seem like you have to pointlessly destroy objects everywhere for your rank like DMC4. Interesting, I suppose, in that the top tier will now be "SSS no damage" rather than being implied in the rank. The gameplay to look out for will be no damage anyway, so this doesn't affect me much. 

Downloading DMC5 deluxe now and watching some videos. Downward Thrust got called the fuck out for playing DMC5 on automatic mode (which makes the game do flashy combos for you) and still criticizing it as being button mashy in his conclusion. Has no idea what makes the genre replayable either. I haven't watched much of his stuff, but this is amusing. 


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1 hour ago, KingBunghole said:

Since I was away for a while, let me just say: Into the Spiderverse was absolutely worth the hype.


Yeah it was a pretty good movie.


I'm laughing hard at some of these clips from Day9's subnautica stream today.


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9 hours ago, KingBunghole said:

Since I was away for a while, let me just say: Into the Spiderverse was absolutely worth the hype. Watched it twice in theatres and once on digital. Hands down the best Spiderman film and my favorite 2018 film that I can recall. Go see it if you haven't already.



Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is easily IMO Sony's best Spider-Man and Spider-Man related film since Spider-Man 2.  Glad you enjoyed it Bunghole.

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5 hours ago, KingBunghole said:

I didn't really need to see more reviews, but she just has a pleasant voice... 


I dunno why I keep seeing Spherehunter everywhere all of a sudden. Just recently she released a mod for RE2 that changed the character model.

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That Nico character from 'Devil May Cry 5' has a similar vibe to the mechanic girl from 'Final Fantasy XV'. And they have a similar accent as well.


2 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

That's a girl's voice and avatar, so...

unless you're saying what I think you're implying.


1 hour ago, KGhaleon said:



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8 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

That's a girl's voice and avatar, so...

unless you're saying what I think you're implying.

Having a deviantart cartoon avatar of yourself as mascot usually implies there's something "wrong" with those people. Especially all those fat ugly SJW feminists like to do that. If they posted their real picture, everyone would know they are man hating feminists only because they are incredibly fat and ugly.

You can hear how "she" does some annoying gaggling sound when talking, probably from trying really hard to sound like a girl.

As long "she" isn't one of those mentally ill SJW pieces of shit from resetera, I don't care what gender "she" wants to be. There's an audience for "girls" like "her".

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2 hours ago, Focus52 said:

That kind of fraud goes on in business way more frequently than people realize! Even at some that family members had interned at!liberalism as a mental phenom probs has a n effect on tjis, but not nearly alwys, as it seems to be a dee ply cross cultural phenomenon! like prime laziness or something...Why is this?!!


Only in the industrial sectors is there anything close to organic resistance to the utter shysterishness of marketing fuckers acting so vapidly!

Its the Nintendo way to make something gimmicky and stupid instead of just making a decent console with more than 3 good games.

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Nintendo has been about gimmicks for over a decade, it's their thing.

Also Labo is just an accessory to the Switch, it's a neat little thing for kids to enjoy. It doesn't affect much else. Nintendo isn't exactly losing tons of money either on a fun cardboard product.

16 minutes ago, EnergyBlanket said:

instead of just making a decent console with more than 3 good games.

People that think the Switch only has 3 games in 2019 is beyond retarded. Like holy thing that's dumb.



So anyway, Woolie from TBF uploaded almost all of their DMC5 playthrough today to his channel excluding the final parts. Over 15 videos, holy molly.

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