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The Iron Giant (1999)   I really like this movie. The story is enjoyable and very touching at the same time. I do not know what else to say, but I highly recommend it.

I recommend: Major Payne: I absolutely love this movie and feel that it was missed by a lot of people. Blankman: It's just so cheesy and such a weird premise, but I love it and feel that not many pe

​8.7 for Birdman on IMDB?! Definitely will check that movie out.

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someone recommend a ninja movie for me :D or one of those kung fu movies. Examples I have: Onk Bak, Blood and bones, Chocolate

The mist (watch it for the lols and troll ending)
Apocalypto (it's one of those survivor types where this guy survives being a slave in a crazy jungle)
The way back (very nice movie about a group of people traveling together to reach the south)

The cure (kingdom hearts: sora and riku's relationship in real life. naw naw, if you wanna cry..go ahead and watch)

The Divide (I always suggest this movie xD you'll either like the people or you'll hate em. a group of people are trapped in a small room and try to survive each other)

I watch alot of survivor types of movies :] but kung fu/asian movies are my favorite. so if anyone has suggestions....here i'am
but yeah, i recommend these movies, enjoy everyone

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