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Played it, loved it. I thought it was a lot better than the first one both story wise and gameplay wise. Definitely a lot more challenging. PC users didn't like some of the changes and there some problem with the keyboard controls but I haven't heard anything bad coming from PS4 users apart from just bugs. I also think a lot of people hate it because the level designs are larger than the first one. In other words dying gets more frustrating and yeah I think there's a lot BS moments within the game but it's just BS moments we players commit ourselves and blame game even though it's not games fault kind of like the Souls games (Hmm sounds familiar XD). NOW HARD MODE, that shit is a bitch, it literary takes 1-2 hours to beat a single level and getting S and A+ ranking can become challenging or a bit a chore depending on the player. There's also a lack of choice, you play as multiple characters in this one, so unlike the first game where you get to choose from countless mask with perks, this one has barely has any masks and there's even character who refuses to carry weapons and only allows the usage o melee weapons for the sack of the story. It's a cool challenge but one that can infuriating at times, specially when your BS areas were you have to really heavily on luck. But man variety of weapons is great in this one and some of the characters, including which I won't spoil are great to play as.

If you really like the 1st game and you want something more challenging than this one if for you, but if you want something in close to HM1 then you might be a bit disappointed.

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